Ovation Comics. And books. And games.

We're an entertainment company with a love affair for words and pictures.
We produce comics books in all genres for all ages . . . but that's just the beginning.


When magic thwarts death, monsters are born. Thistleheart is a dark fantasy that follows a magical monster on an inexplicable destiny to reclaim his lost humanity. Coming soon to Kickstarter.


Catalina Benita Salvar is Salamandra,  a fearless young woman who calls upon the mystical fire of the salamander to keep supernatural forces at bay. Coming soon to Comixology.

Future Projects

We have a lot of exciting comics in the early stages of development.
While it's too early to share full details, here are some sneak peeks!


Infinity agents

Death Kitty

Fiendish Fables


Goth Ghost Girl

We Publish for a Reason

From the tiny seacoast of New Hampshire comes a wave of illustrated literature, ready to make a splash with comic book fans worldwide. Whether you prefer fantasy, mystery, science fiction, history, romance, suspense, humor, or an imaginative blend of multiple genres, chances are we've got a comic that will captivate you. And whether you're a young reader or a mature comic lover, chances are you'll come back for more. If you don't see any comic books with the bright red "Standing O" logo at your local retailer, ask them to carry Ovation Comics!

Borne from Passion...

We love comic books. We love to read them. We love to create them. We love to share them with the world. So we started this imprint with the simple mission to publish the finest quality comics in all genres and for all ages. As a natural extension of our core mission, we also develop tabletop games based on our properties. Our printed comics are available in comic book specialty shops and online retailers worldwide. Our digital comics are available on Comixology.

What's With the Key?

The Freedom Key is our secondary logo, just as it is with our parent publisher, Department of Story. You'll find it somewhere on all of our comic books. It is symbolic of a primary tenet here: creative freedom. We don't shackle writers and artists with corporate control over their creations. We don't lock down ownership of their properties. So they are free to do what they do best...create. Freedom is awesome. Freedom is the key.

Home Sweet Home...

We're located in the southeast corner of the state of New Hampshire, just minutes from America's smallest seacoast yet less than an hour from the wilderness of the White Mountains. Life here is a fascinating brew of country living in historic New England, spiced up with a progressive arts community and the youthful influence of the state university. We work with award-winning creators as well as undiscovered talent from around the globe.

Kraken Academy

We believe that the arts make the world a much better place to live in. That's why it greatly concerns us to see these programs among the first cut out of strained school budgets.

So a portion of our profits will go towards supporting Kraken Academy, a nonprofit venture begun by John Schlim Jr's Fablehaus Studio. This program offers free mentoring for school-age children in writing, art, and design, taught by skilled volunteers.

meet the team

  • john schlim jr
    Publisher, Editor
  • stephanie schlim
    Publication Designer
  • Harvey bunda
    Art Director
  • jun joe monares

Contact Us

CREATORS: We'd love to consider your work for publication, but we only review submissions during specific times of the year. Please send a general inquiry before submitting any project details or samples. Unsolicited submissions will not be examined or returned.

RETAILERS: We need you! If you'd be interested in carrying the coolest new comics from independent creators, please request our Standing Ovation Retailer Kit so we can seduce you with details of our intimate partnership.