John Schlim Jr - The Tale Weaver

You can blame him for the madness. A journalist and copywriter turned author, John's many published comics include "Fiendish Fables" from Brain Scan Studios, "Dandelion" from Arcana, and a contribution to the critically acclaimed "Outlaw Territory Vol 3" from Image Comics. But it was his fitful dreams that birthed the saga of Thistleheart. And now he wants to infect you with the madness.

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Harvey Bunda - The Feather Bearer

Harvey Bunda is Gunship Revolution's Technical Director and Founder. Has been a successful freelance illustrator and comic artist for a decade. The artist behind a number of titles under the American publisher Hervatski Press. Harvey Bunda also produced digital paintings for book covers, concept art for games and toys for Marvel Heroclix, Mattel, Lucasfilms and paintings in traditional mediums and sculptures. And Recently Added To The "Corel Painter Master"

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