Kickstarter for Battle Royale Planet #1 is Delayed

Posted by John Schlim on

It was a decision we didn't take lightly.

Our newest comic series, Battle Royale Planet, had been planned to debut in March 2020 with a 30-day crowdfunding event on Kickstarter. The artwork for issue #1 is complete. The guest artist for the variant cover has been locked in. All of the campaign budgeting and prep work has been done.

Then the COVID-19 coronavirus reared its ugly head. At first we decided to go ahead with the launch as planned, thinking that most comic fans would welcome an exciting new series in the midst of so much anxiety. But as the world news progressively got worse, we started to reconsider.

On one hand we hated to delay the funding campaign after investing money to get the first issue produced. It would be good to get funded and be able to pay the creative team, the printer, the producers of our backer rewards, the shippers, even the Kickstarter staff during the economic slowdown.

On the other hand, it didn't seem like a prudent business decision. Would our launch get lost in the noise of this growing international crisis? Would our marketing campaign sound selfish and insensitive? Would potential backers be wary of having items shipped to them? What impact would it have if I got sick myself?

So the final decision was made to delay the project, hopefully only for a few months. Right now we're targeting May 2020. Stay tuned for updates on this wild new series illustrated by Francisco Munoz, lettered by Robin Jones, and written by yours truly.

John Schlim Jr
Chief Geek


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